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Some things about me

career path


I started as a creative in a small advertising agency in Barcelona, later I dedicated myself to video and film production. After about two years, I changed. I move to Miami and I dealt independently with sales and exports of the US market for several Spanish jewelry factories for more than seven years.


The hustle and bustle and so much going back and forth made me rethink my relationship with the world of work.


Therefore I went back to Barcelona and I worked as an employee in the marketing department of Granini, Orbis Fabri and RBA editores.


The experience I gained working at RBA editores redirect me to the specialization in new technologies and to work as self employed again.

In the year 2000 I established myself as a freelance under the name Estudioflash, later as and currently as Montse Andrés, multimedia creativity.

Since then I have been working as a freelance designing creatives for advertising promotions, mostly on the internet. Product specific banners, landing pages, websites and mini websites etc.


My clients are companies, professionals and even individuals.

Clients I work for or have worked for: Orbis Fabri, RBA, La Vanguardia, Pepe Jeans London, ArtOrganic, Nadine Riera, Chris & Cris etc.


Some things about me

academic training



  • Degree in Information Sciences, Advertising and Public Relations from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

  • Course on Web Page Design at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC).

  • Project Management Course. Barcelona Activa.

  • Course "Telematic Projects", Catalan Institute of Applied Telematics, Generalitat de Catalunya.

  • TOEFL. score 650 out of 700, Florida University, USA

  • Certificate of Award Completion of Advanced Arts, Miami Dade Community College, Miami, Florida.

  • Speech Communication, Miami Dade Community College, Miami. Florida


Some things about me

Comercial activity



Services for companies and professionals :
Graphics, creativity, presentations, websites, banners, landing page, Photoshop, audio, video, content writing, translations, etc.

All the necessary material to carry out your advertising campaign. I manage your campaign in a global, personal and professional way.

Online stores


Services to writers and musicians :

Design of covers for CD's and video, book covers, management for publication through Amazon On Demand or other platforms. Download stores.


Services to individuals :

Graphics, albums, video montages, fast and cheap websites for weddings, birthdays and memorable events.

Cards for birthdays, anniversaries and special family events.


Please contact me through this form. Thank you.

Montse Andrés | Multimedia Creativity | Barcelona | Spain

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